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VeritasTM rewards channel for solving ransomware & multi-cloud challenges

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VeritasTM rewards channel for solving ransomware & multi-cloud challenges. Veritas Technologies has launched its 2022 Veritas Partner Force Program, designed to foster increased and more predictable earnings for its channel community as they solve the big challenges facing their customers today: ransomware and the complexities of managing an increasingly diverse multi-cloud environment. The simplified program includes further rewards and deeper collaboration, as well as incentivizing Veritas’ channel to strategically expand the company’s footprint while hardening customers’ resilience against ransomware.

“Almost every week, we see cyberattacks against organizations and critical infrastructure around the globe. Hackers are upping the ante and companies need to respond. That’s why we’re empowering our solution providers with the tools and incentives to help their customers protect their data and make their infrastructure more resilient. Whether the threat is data loss, ransomware or downtime, and whether their data resides in the cloud, in containers or on premises, Veritas and our partners are ready to help,” says Mike Walkey, VP Channel Sales and Alliances at Veritas.

Focus on multi-cloud migration and ransomware protection

Veritas is making it more profitable for its channel community to help customers recover from ransomware attacks andto manage data across increasingly complex multi-cloud environments. Solution providers will now be eligible for double the rebate on registered opportunities at new customers, double the rebate on NetBackupTM competitive take outs, and double the rebate on projects that include APTARETM, the industry-leading IT Analytics platform, and  InfoscaleTM, Veritas’ data management and availability solution.

Veritas is also introducing more time-friendly rebate targets, splitting up annual performance indicators into quarterly goals. This will allow successfulsolution providers to accelerate their movement up the program tiers and benefit more rapidly from the highest rebates in the program. In addition, Veritas is creating an advisory council of the executive board to discuss new market and technology trends and to provide real-time feedback on the company’s strategy. This intensive regular exchange will ensure a consistent and formalized process forsolution providers`voices to be heardat the highest level throughout the company.

Veritas Partner Force members will also benefit from a closer and moreregular exchange of detailed information both from a sales enablement and marketing perspective. For example, Veritas will offer greater insight into renewal opportunities and customer revenue forecasting, so that solution providers have the tools to help growthe footprint of Veritas solutions in these accounts. Asthey successfully expand renewal opportunities, Veritas will reward these projects and increase the profit for the solution providers.

“Veritas is the global market leader in data protection and with the improved financial benefits and stronger engagement, we can solve our client’s challenges faster with these data protection products,” said Juan Orlandini, Chief ArchitectCloud + Data Center Transformation at Insight.

He added, “Combined with innovative technology, the better view into our mutual clients gives us all the tools we need to grow our business with Veritas.”


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