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ViewSonic launches ViewBoard Box to create immersive digital learning spaces

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According to ViewSonic Corp, the ViewBoard Box is a palm-sized plug-and-play device that works with compatible mainstream screens, monitors, and projectors. It gives users immediate access to the company’s my ViewBoard ecosystem and improves learning environments’ engagement and cooperation. Furthermore, my ViewBoard Manager assists IT, administrators in streamlining the work process by providing device management to centrally control displays remotely.

“At the moment, we are seeing the acceleration of a number of changes that were already underway in education, such as greater digitalization of in-person classrooms and the proliferation of remote learning,” said Monica Sun, Director of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic Corporation, ViewSonic.

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She added, “Purpose-built to facilitate communication and engagement, the my ViewBoard ecosystem has benefitted more than 4 million customers. With the introduction of the ViewBoard Box, we want to open this powerful visual learning platform to an even greater number of educators, students, and institutions—without the need to undertake major upgrades in their infrastructure.”

The ViewBoard Box is the right upgrade for existing screens to provide digital classrooms with myViewBoard Suite for improved engagement and collaboration. With myViewBoard Manager, a web-based device management solution, it also provides centralised and secure control over display devices. With a single click on the dashboard, IT managers can remotely manage all connected devices, including adjusting device operating settings, broadcasting personalised messages to numerous devices, and tracking device metrics such as power and data usage.

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The ViewBoard Box connects to any display through HDMI and instantly transforms it into a powerful and interactive device, delivering immersive teaching and learning experiences with myViewBoard. This comprehensive software suite includes digital whiteboarding tools, a large selection of rich digital education content in myViewBoard Clipsand Originals, and wireless screen sharing with myViewBoard Display to facilitate group collaboration.

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The ViewBoard Box is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), eliminating the need for a separate power supply and keeping places clutter-free. It has a Hexa-core CPU and a palm-sized form factor. This streamlines installations and eliminates the need for additional resources and labour to run new wires.


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