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ViewSonic’s Smart LED projector sales grew 30% in the H1 2020

Smart Home Technology

LED projectors are gaining popularity as they are developed, keeping eco-friendliness and longevity in mind. Smart LED projectors from ViewSonic Corp., have seen a substantial increase in demand, especially during the pandemic. People are now spending more time working, schooling, and entertaining from home, resulting in increasing their inclination to purchase products that elevate this new lifestyle. This has led to an upswing in the demand and interest in ViewSonic’s smart LED projectors, primarily because of the versatility powered by undisputed quality and utility that they provide. ViewSonic’s Smart LED projector sales grew 30% in the first half of 2020.

“ViewSonic is focused on developing lifestyle-oriented, all-inclusive solutions that can be used in multiple settings and scenarios. Our smart LED projectors help users make their homes more conducive for their work, entertainment, and e-learning needs. LED technology has advanced to a level where it is can be used to develop ideal audio-visual solutions for all kinds of activities that consumers wish to or have to partake in from their homes. Our mission remains to design solutions that deliver convenience, comfort, and care for our users while adding to their utility. Through our smart LED projectors, people can enjoy flexible big-screen audio-visual experiences in multiple use cases in their daily lives.” said Max Hsu, Regional Director, ViewSonic MEA.

ViewSonic’s Smart LED projectors are not just supplementary devices; they are an audio-visual solution in themselves. The LED projectors combine the latest audio-visual technologies with smart integrated functionality and can connect with mobile devices, home networks, and content services to deliver a seamless viewing experience. Through four main features – audio-visual excellence, smart capabilities, user-centric design, and eco-friendliness, ViewSonic smart LED projectors are differentiated to deliver an amplified audio-visual experience for home entertainment, learning, and work.

Audiovisual Excellence

ViewSonic smart LED projectors deliver true-to-life colors by proprietary Cinema SuperColor+™ Technology with 125% Rec.709, and a new level of brightness with second-generation LED technology. To complement their stunning visuals, all ViewSonic smart LED projectors incorporate professional audio customized by Harman Kardon/JBL. From hardware design to rounds of audio tuning, each projector has its own customization to best fit each scenario.

Smart Capabilities

The smart features include wireless content casting from users’ smart devices via 5GHz Wi-Fi, and intuitive touch control via their mobile devices as an alternative remote control. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to broadcast audio from mobile devices with the projectors’ Harman Kardon speakers, or connect to external Bluetooth headphones to immerse yourself in big-screen fun. Convenient voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and USB Type-C connectivity offer a fun twist on streaming for direct projection from phones, tablets, or gaming consoles.

User-Centric Design

ViewSonic places emphasis on user-centric designs to offer consumers the perfect balance of form and functionality. By creating humanized, lifestyle-oriented products that contrast with dull one-size-fits-all designs found on other products on the market, ViewSonic has won iF Design Awards for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.

ViewSonic smart LED projectors are an eco-friendlier alternative to other projector types, free from the toxic mercury found in lamps, and consume significantly less power for improved efficiency. LEDs are also a more durable light source than lamps, offering a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, thus, reducing the total cost of ownership.


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