Vivo V19: Cutting-edge Smartphone Camera Features like No Other

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Smartphones are now the go-to gadgets for capturing life’s most precious moments. The vast improvements in smartphone camera technology over the years and the capacity social media channels have to provide immediate feedback have resulted in the rise of a new tribe of photographers and selfie enthusiasts.

As a company that puts consumers at the heart of its operations, Vivo is keen to bring its young, always on the go consumers a high-quality camera-based smartphone that matches their lifestyle – particularly one with proven selfie capabilities. Boasting high-quality images and best-in-class camera features, V19 is Vivo’s latest release in the MEA region.

The Dual-Selfie Camera for Dual Perfection

One of V19’s main features is its dual selfie camera. Comprising a 32MP main camera plus an 8MP super wide-angle camera to maximize the beauty of portrait subjects, it delivers a rich and fun photography experience. The smartphone also features:

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  • Optimal wide-angle selfies: The 105° super wide-angle camera broadens the selfie perspective by as much as 25.6 degrees, enabling users to enhance the beauty of their images. The artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can independently correct wide-angle distortion between the foreground and background, producing dazzling and authentic results.
  • Captivate after dark: This feature comprises the Super Night Selfie mode, Layer-Based Beautification, Spatial Merging Denoising, and Multiple Exposure capabilities, enabling V19 users to capture and combine multiple frames, greatly increasing image clarity, reducing the background noise, and highlighting different skin tones. Through switching to this mode, users can easily boost image brightness and suppress noise, addressing nighttime capture issues, such as overexposure in high light and insufficient details from underexposed. This means they can take clear and stunning selfies, no matter where they are -from city skylines to the starry countryside.
  • Next level video stability: The Ultra Stable Selfie Video feature brings a new level of stability to wide-angle selfie videos. The phone’s sensitive gyroscope picks up any handshaking, and its electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology works to correct the photo. The front main camera and front wide-angle camera collaborate to achieve an ‘Anti-Shake’ effect and ensure that every frame is clear and stable.
  • Light up your beauty: V19 is equipped with a Selfie Softlight Band, offering studio-style illumination even in challenging lighting. What this means is the screen can create aband of soft light when taking selfies, to further improve the quality of night selfies through studio-style illumination. Users can preview the soft light effect when shooting, and compare it with the original full-screen light filling.

The Cutting-Edge AI Quad Camera for Stunning Photos


The digital age has created a boom in the number of skilled photographers and as technology advances, the technical challenges of photography are shrinking. A phone camera is the best camera today because it travels with its owners at all times. Capitalizing on this trend and covering all aspects of photography, V19 includes a full range of cameras – the powerful AI Quad Camera at the rear, a 48MP main camera, an 8MP super wide-angle camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP bokeh camera. Be a pro in every scene: Packed with AI image and video features, the V19 includes AI Video Filters, an AI Video Editor, and AI Image Matting for professional-grade editable videos. Blending high resolution and EIS, the V19 is able to record super stable and clear videos to ensure that users benefit from top quality footage of life’s best moments – anytime and anywhere.


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  1. Recommend device. Vivo V19 device is superb with great battery life thanks to the Snapdragon 712 energy efficient. Even with always on display this device still perform battery well.

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