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Vivo X60 pro as the official smartphone of UEFA EURO 2020™

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As the official smartphone of UEFA EURO 2020™, vivo is showcasing its professional-grade photography features that allow users to capture high-action, beautiful moments both on and off the pitch. Check out the below tips, advice and pro-features in vivo X60 and X60 pro smartphones that enable people everywhere to capture and share professional-grade images of the moments in life that matter most.

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A high-quality lens without the heft for in-the-moment, game-time shots

A professional grade lens ensures you can snap away without worrying about photo quality, but that doesn’t mean you need to carry a bulky, heavy camera. vivo recently launched the X60 series, consisting of the X60 and X60 Pro, which sport a groundbreaking camera system co-engineered with ZEISS to take mobile photography to new levels.

Turn on Pro Sports Mode for dynamic autofocus and outstanding clarity

Some moments are too good to miss. Autofocus can help you can take impeccable motion snapshots without worrying about getting blurred images. vivo X60 Pro comes with a Pro Sports Mode to help you capture fast-action in fast-focus. The motion detection algorithm works with Object Autofocus and EFB Autofocus, the perfect combo for delivering sharp results.

Gimbal stabilization unlocks vivid action shots while on the move

Panning to follow your subject in action is a skill that takes time to master, but a powerful stabilizing feature like Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 technology on vivo’s X60 Pro can certainly help. The device utilizes the latest VIS 5-axis video stabilization technology enabling users to capture any exciting moments on and off the pitch.  By reducing camera shake as you move your smartphone, the stabilizing function allows you to capture sharp images and videos at ease.

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Capture high-res videos and freeze frame your high-res stills

Not sure when is the best moment to capture and freeze during the game? X60 Pro supports 4K video at as high as 60fps (frames per second), which allows you capture fast movement and extract high-res, still images from your video. Enhanced gimbal stabilization is combined with EIS to realize X/Y-axis rotation/transition, as well as Z-axis rotation, allowing videos to keep steady when your hands are shaky.

Create the perfect composition, up-close or wide-angle

Frame your image by zooming in and getting close to the action, or pan out with a wide-angle to capture the depth of field. vivo X60 Pro comes with a 48MP Ultra-wide Gimbal Camera, which allows users to include both the player and the surroundings in the composition to tell the story. You can also use a variety of filters to adjust the lighting and colors that can bring the atmosphere and tension of the beautiful game to life.  


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