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VMenu, the new virtual menu is set to change the overall customer experience delivered by hoteliers and restauranteurs. Launched by, possibly, Dubai’s youngest entrepreneur and funded by a Dubai expatriate, the technology is a virtual menu app -a dedicated application software which boasts an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface with a large variety of unique features and accessibilities. VMenuApp is a one-stop solution which enhances consumer convenience through Machine Learning, boasting a simple yet aesthetically pleasing user interface. With VMenu, customers view their meals before ordering, study nutritional information, design their own custom-made orders and further have a visualization of the different meals on the menu.

VMenu lists food on a menu digitally, breaking it down into ingredients used in the making and calculating the number of calories consumed. The calorie count can then be adjusted by adding, taking out or replacing one or more ingredients. So, customers know how many calories they consume and how many more they will if they add a menu item say fries or they know how to reduce the calorie count by taking out cheese, replacing sides, etc. All of this before the order is placed.

Customers can specify allergies, likes and dislikes and ensure that any restaurant using the app will make a note of preferences as the information is registered at the back end. What makes it unique is its accessibility. The web-based app can be accessed by scanning a QR code so restaurants and hotels (for room service) don’t need to invest in a tablet!

Araj Hassan, the 21-year young CEO of VMenu says, ‘VMenu takes Dine-in experience for customers to a different level & on the other side gives the power to restaurant owners to know their customers better. This has not been done globally & changes the currently used online ordering system completely.VMenu has ensured that its subscribers do not even need a tablet as all the information and applications are available on a QR code that can be accessed from a smartphone. We are evolving and improve day after day. Some may call it Kaizen; we call it business as usual.’

‘Running a tech business is a cherished dream that I could fulfil with VMenu. Apart from a love of all things tech, VMenu is inspired by my own inclination to food allergies and strong preferences. VMenu is unique in the way it offers solutions and resolves the issues foodies have with allergies and/or personal preferences, how it answers questions of diet-conscious gourmets, and provides ease of navigation that restauranteurs will love.’

At the back end, VMenu is a Customer Engagement and Analytics platform that enables the Restaurant Industry to Engage Customers, Gain Insights and Grow Revenue through Machine Learning and an automated AI-driven CRM Platform. VMenu stores personal preferences, provides and records real-time order tracking and history as well as detailed knowledge of ingredients and their nutritional value. Customers can place order directly from their device after accessing the web-based app through a QR code which can be presented on restaurant tables; as each table gets a unique QR code, any order placed will be against each table for seamless order tracking. Furthermore, the orders can be directly delivered to the kitchen through a (paper-less) digital interface or can also be sent to the cashier for confirmation; all depending on the restaurant’s need. VMenu App caters to restaurant managers and guests equally, offering solutions and adjusting its features as per the need of the restaurant management.

The technology stores customer comments which further help restaurants to respond to feedback.

VMenu can be used in restaurants and even more efficiently in hotels for room service saving patrons time affording convenience and clarity of communication.

It certainly benefits the F&B industry but even more so patrons especially people who have allergies, are on diets restricting certain food types or are just health and calorie-conscious. VMenu has got a very encouraging acceptance from Restaurants in Dubai. Araj’s ambition is to take this UAE start-up to become a global leader in the Multi- Billion-dollar market in the coming years.


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