VMware highlights importance of digital employee experience

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VMware highlighted the importance of companies and organisations in the Middle East providing an excellent digital experience in the workplace, during the IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2020 in Dubai today.

The event, which gathered CIOs from various public and private organisations, was led by Jyoti Lalchandani, Group Vice President & Regional Managing Director (META), IDC. The event put the spotlight on the technology challenges being faced by CIOs in the region – and the opportunities for growth and development afforded by new and emerging digital technologies.

Speaking at the event Andy Philp, EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager for Digital Workspace Solutions at VMware, said: “Organisations in the region must pay close attention to the digital experience of their employees – doing so will help drive growth, establish a healthy and progressive work environment, and attract and retain top talent. VMware’s own research found that more than 70% of employees in Saudi Arabia and the UAE said that their employer should focus on equipping the workforce with the best digital tools.

“Interestingly, the research also revealed a significant disparity between how employees and decision makers feel they contribute to their organisation’s digitisation efforts: 58.7% of UAE employees surveyed don’t believe they have a voice when it comes to what digital technologies are used in the office, while 86% of ITDMs believe they give their employees a voice within this arena,” Philp added. “Our research shows how important it is for organisations of all types to seize the opportunity presented by the latest digital technologies and offer their employees the tools that they need to excel in the workplace.”

VMware believes that the digital employee experience should be a key enabler for organisations adopting a digital transformation journey and looking at innovation to differentiate and acquire a competitive edge in the markets they operate in.

This view is in line with IDC’s message on the subject. Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC, said: “With greater clarity about what the future enterprise will look like and what will be required to compete in redefined industries, organisations are rethinking their digital transformation strategies. As such, they are increasingly pivoting away from digital for the sake of innovation to digital for the sake of the overall business. There is now a focus on applying digital technologies to address customer engagement, intelligence, operations, and leadership. Competition has never been so intense, and a new playbook is required that is focused on creating business value, scaling digital innovation and embracing the future of work. The race to reinvent is on.”


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