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Wael Handous, Managing Director MEA Tec. on 2021 market outlook

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TECHx managed to secure an exclusive interview with Wael Handous, Managing Director MEA Tec Distribution, to discuss the market outlook for 2021.

TECHx: What is the 2021 market outlook for MEA Tec?

Wael: As our existence and achievements were all over the Middle East region during the previous years, hence, our 2021 Goal is to grow our market share in the Africa region and increasing our local resources over there. With our team of cybersecurity specialists dedicated to providing secure trusted & integrated protection services, the Middle East and Africa is our focused region this year and we look forward to expanding our local presence into Egypt as one of the major 2021 Goals.

TECHx: What are the new digital transformation trends you foresee in 2021?

Wael: As you know that the year 2020 brought the COVID 19 pandemic along with it which has set all the new norms for us and these new norms have brought a huge increase in cybersecurity threats. Aligning with the market’s need I think the increase in demand for cybersecurity solutions is the new trend I foresee in 2021.

TECHx: How do you capitalize on the opportunities this changing market has created?

Wael: With the current Work from home scenario, we were able to deliver the solutions for new challenges that appeared, and certainly this would not have happened without the great technologies our vendors provide. Starting from the zero-trust network to the insider threat along with the security awareness, the WFH model has created a lot of opportunities for us.

TECHx: As a cybersecurity-focused distributor, how do you enable organizations in the region to become cyber resilient? What role can MEA Tec play in the future of the regional cybersecurity landscape? 

Wael: Turning our technical engineering team into consultants without any sales target, allows us to discuss more with our customer and partner with open eyes specifically about the risks and the latest threats which can target their organizations. It is very important for MEA Tec to share its expert knowledge and experience with the organizations in the Middle East region whether they end up becoming a customer or not.


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