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Wael Jaber on 2021 market outlook for CyberKnight

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Wael Jaber Vice President of Technology and Services at CyberKnight interview for ‘TECHx ICT Distribution Feature’

TECHx: What is the 2021 market outlook for CyberKnight? What are your key strategic focus areas this year?

CyberKnight: The rapid digitalization in the region led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, has triggered a spike in both the number of connected devices (IT, IoT, IIoT, and OT), on-premise and in the cloud. We expect that this digital transformation will continue at a rapid pace in tandem to the national cybersecurity frameworks that are being stipulated for many organizations. These will collectively lead to increased budget allocation for projects related to cloud, as well as, application security, digital risk protection, remote access, and mobility, smart cities and IoT security, information protection, IAM, phishing & awareness, and cybersecurity maturity services.

CyberKnight is constantly evolving its portfolio to cater to many of the aforementioned security trends and will be further complementing the offering with products and solutions including CASB, Zero Trust Network Access, cloud workload protection, cyber risk modeling, and OT security.

TECHx: As a cybersecurity focused value-added distributor, how do you enable organizations in the region to become cyber resilient? What role can CyberKnight play in the future of the regional cybersecurity landscape? 

CyberKnight: CyberKnight adds value across the value-chain to partners, customers, and vendors. Along with our channel partners, we help organizations achieve cyber resilience via implementation of cybersecurity solutions and services as per industry best practices, with the lowest TCO and highest ROI possible. CyberKnight offers unique and specialized solutions and services through which we can help in the assessment of the security program of an organization, identify the existing gaps from a people, process and technology perspective and finally advise on the solution that would ensure the highest level of cyber resilience across all cybersecurity domains.

TECHx: What are the new digital transformation trends you foresee in 2021? How are you capitalizing on opportunities which have come up with this changing market?

CyberKnight: The region is witnessing acceleration and expansion in eGovernment services, remote working & learning, smart cities, e-commerce businesses, digital skills development and training platforms, IoT in medical, telecom, and industrial fields, automation and AI, big data, DevSecOPs, and cloud computing.

Since its inception, CyberKnight has aligned its strategy around the ZeroTrust framework which models security programs on the principle of “Never Trust, Always Verify”. Digital transformation has contributed to the demise of traditional corporate defenses, due to the unprecedented amount of newly connected devices, cloud services, and mobile users who are collaborating and accessing critical corporate data and assets from almost anywhere.

To secure digital transformation initiatives, CyberKnight has built its portfolio around the ZTX Framework from the ground-up.


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