WhatsApp Users to get ability to report status updates

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To assist the moderation team in keeping the platform secure for all users, WhatsApp is working on another feature: status update reporting capability.

Users can already report their contact’s messages if they think it violates the terms of service of the platform what it does is that it sends the latest 5 messages to WhatsApp to check but if needed users can report specific conversations as well.

However, there is no such mechanism to report if someone is violating the terms of service in the statuses that they put in the messaging platform. To combat this and give the moderation team a more effective way to keep users safe on the platform.

Currently, WhatsApp is developing a status report function for inclusion in a future release of the WhatsApp Desktop beta to address this issue. A new menu within the status section will have an option for reporting status updates. Users will finally be able to alert the moderation staff of any suspicious status updates that can violate their Terms of Service thanks to this capability. The status update will be sent to WhatsApp for moderation purposes so they can determine whether there has been a violation, as is the case with reporting messages.

It is important to note that this does not violate end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is used to protect all of your devices’ messages, voice calls, media, location sharing, calls, and status updates. This means that nobody, not even WhatsApp and Meta, can view the content of your messages or hear your private calls, but it’s crucial to include a report feature to protect the platform and other users.

 A future update of the WhatsApp Desktop beta will include a feature that will allow users to report status updates.


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