Women in tech space: From challenges to Opportunities

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Diversity is an integral part of any company’s culture. People from different backgrounds often come up with unique styles, thoughts, and creativity that enables a company to strategise from multiple perspectives, allowing room for maximum growth potential. Diversity is an integral part of a business regardless of the field.

Gender diversity and inclusion issues in technology have attracted a lot of focus recently. Men continue to be underrepresented in technology despite significant advancement, and they still face many difficulties and obstacles. But many inspiring female executives are reshaping the future of the sector and seizing these chances.

The UAE, for example, has worked towards several initiatives encouraging women to consider opportunities in the technology sector, igniting their curiosity towards the field through workshops in school or programmes targeting females.

Louma Mhanna, Inside Channel Account Manager at Milestone Systems said ”Women are believed to bring unique perspectives and experiences to a tech team, which can lead to more diverse and innovative ideas. “Being a woman in the tech industry, I feel like I have the opportunity to contribute to motivating women to join this industry without worrying about gender proportions. I believe that in any industry, women and men need to work hard and establish themselves to grow in their job roles. At Milestone Systems, we value diversity and inclusion. We believe having a gender-balanced workforce is crucial to our success as a company.”

According to a 2022 report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), female representation in leadership roles across the tech industry stands at 24% occupancy, whereas men occupy 76%.

The UAE, however, has been working progressively to reduce the gender gap through female-focused training programs and initiatives in the technology sector.

Aliona Geckler, SVP of business operations and Chief of Staff at Acronis said “It’s important to recognise the hurdles women often encounter progressing in their jobs, such as gender bias, lack of support, and unequal pay to name just a few. Women in Tech programs, mentorship, and flexible working hours, help encourage women to pursue tech careers and serve as opportunities for them to advance and succeed. That’s exactly what we do at Acronis. Mentorship, #CyberWomen networking groups, and career opportunities help us attract and nurture diverse talent; it also helps us better understand our customer needs and deliver the best cyber protection solutions the world needs today.”

However, according to research, despite the number of initiatives, women are still underrepresented in the UAE tech space, occupying only a fifth of the leadership roles in the region.

According to WEF, women hold only 31% of entry-level positions and 22% of managerial roles in the UAE industry as of July 2022.

That being said, the UAE is aware of the global gender-gap issues and is actively working to change these numbers. The UAE ranks 1st in the MENA region and 24th globally for women’s inclusion, fairness and security.

Méliné Soulie, the Vice President of Marketing and Development at Obvious Technologies said “As a woman in tech, I don’t think that my gender has held me back from trying to achieve my goals. I believe that it is easy for a woman to carve her path through the potential challenges in the industry, considering that there aren’t many women in the field. A woman’s ability to pay attention to detail, work through a structured approach, listen and understand customer pain points and provide valuable insights into user experience are recognised as valuable assets in today’s world. If this keeps going, these qualities will encourage more female leadership roles in digital technology within the next five to ten years.”

Although facing difficulties, women in the technology field are making notable advances and influencing transformation within the industry. They utilize their distinct abilities and past encounters to generate inventive answers and question established conventions.

“Women have unique points of view when it comes to problem-solving based on their experiences and perspectives,” says Louma. “When we embrace this perspective, we can create more innovative solutions that benefit everyone.”

Aliona believes it is essential to celebrate the achievements of women in tech and highlight their success. “We need more role models for young women interested in pursuing tech careers,” she says. “By showcasing the success of women in tech, we can inspire the next generation of female leaders.”

Méliné agrees that creating a supportive environment for women in tech is critical. “We need to provide opportunities for women to develop their skills, take on leadership roles, and advance in their careers,” she says. “By creating a more inclusive environment, we can unlock the full potential of women in tech and drive the industry forward.”

By converting obstacles into chances, women in technology are influencing the direction of the sector. Women in tech can continue to drive innovation and develop a more diverse and inclusive business with more assistance, chances, and recognition. To build a better future for everyone, it is crucial to acknowledge and honour the accomplishments of women in technology.


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