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XLR8 establishes a relationship with gamers by “XLR8 your gaming” campaign

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PNY Technology kicks off its “XLR8 your gaming” communication campaign in order to establish a relationship with its gamers. This will highlight the gaming experience and the projects led by a community of influencers around XLR8, the ultimate brand of computer equipment dedicated to all gamer profiles. The device will be 100% digital and multi-channel, the use of several social networks and a competition platform will be privileged to relay messages and strengthen relationships with the community.

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For over 30 years, PNY has offered uncompromising quality, trusted reliability and unmatched service. It is thanks to these deeply rooted values and a passion for gaming that XLR8 has become a brand of choice for enthusiasts around the world. XLR8 supports players throughout their set up, whatever their needs: power, speed, design… Whether you are a casual gamer, hardcore gamer, modder, streamer or even a content creator, XLR8 allows you to live your passion and pushing the limits of the game with cutting-edge components.

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As of today, the XLR8 section available on the PNY website has a new design, its organisation has been updated to improve navigation and facilitate the identification of the products suited to the needs of each gamer profile. It will also highlight the gaming community and the various collaborations carried out with Youtubers and Instagrammers from several countries. Videos and other content were created for the occasion and will be shown throughout the campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Live streams will also be organised on the Twitch platform with several influencers who will share their experience around the products and talk about their performances and successes thanks to this equipment.

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@Irishachilles93 “ Hey everyone! My name is Richie &I’m an Irish Twitch Partner streamer that goes by the name Irish Achilles. I stream a variety of games but my main games right now are Warzone and BF4. XLR8 has helped me with streaming since I’ve been using their 32GB DDR4 RAM. This RAM allows high demanding games to be played to their full potential while also outputting high quality streaming content. With streaming and gaming from the one PC being demanding, this RAM has really helped push those boundaries.”


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