Ben Kirkwood - Senior Research Manager - IDC Energy Insights - WW Mining - techxmedia

Mining and metals companies accelerate focus on sustainability

Schneider Electric and AVEVA are providing the tools required by organizations to make informed decisions that will empower people across the mining, minerals, and metals value chains to be more strategic in their choices based on sound advice with sustainability in mind. They are assisting operators and managers in these choices leaving so as to tackle challenges in adopting sustainable.

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STEG digitalizes Tunisia’s power generation sector in cooperation with GE

“Limited energy resources, the challenges posed by climate change, the energy transition and the Covid-19 pandemic, make it imperative for us, now more than ever, to intensify efforts to increase the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of electricity generation assets to ensure we can provide uninterrupted electricity to our customers, control the cost of production and reduce unplanned outages.” Commented HichemAnene.

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Kerry Grimes, Head of Global Partners, AVEVA - techxmedia

AVEVA as the winner of 2021 Microsoft Energy Partner of the year

“We are delighted to win Microsoft’s prestigious Energy Partner of the Year award and be named a finalist for Sustainability Changemaker Partner of the Year. These awards recognize our industry-specific expertise in enabling energy and manufacturing companies to meet their sustainability goals and achieve business resiliency through advanced digital technologies during these globally transformative times,” said Kerry Grimes, AVEVA.

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Ivorian women - work opportunities - energy sector - techxmedia

1,150 Ivorian women to access work opportunities in the energy sector

The initiative builds on an earlier partnership between the IRC, Mastercard Foundation, and Schneider Electric to train 1,250 electricians, 60 percent of whom were women, through four vocational training centers throughout the Ivory Coast over a five-year period. This new initiative will include the extension of the training program to a new training center in Abidjan located in Ivory Coast.

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Ziad-Youssef,-VP-of-Secure-Power-and-Segments,-Schneider-Electric,-Africa - techxmedia

Schneider Electric Innovation Day 2021: Digitization with sustainability

“The journey to sustainability begins with digitization. Business and IT leaders need to see this as an opportunity to build resilience into their strategy, allowing their company to move towards goals such as net-zero energy, and net-zero carbon. While these ambitious targets were once markers of a sustainable business, they are now markers of a smart business,” said Ziad Youssef.

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