July 24, 2021

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Dave Russell - Veeam - techxmedia

Ransomware reality is biting, so how do businesses bite back?

This is organised crime : It’s easy to forget that there’s a criminal behind the ransomware that makes itself at home within your business system. While it may once have been deemed something loitering on the web and only harmful if clicked on, many are starting to recognise severe, complex, and targeted nature that ransomware really has.

Kristine Dahl Steidel,- VMware - techxmedia

Three challenges to meet as businesses transition to working from anywhere

Change isn’t just about physical equipment or experiences, it’s also about mindset. The crisis forced change at a rate that many didn’t think possible. But to make these IT investments successful long-term means also changing the cultural mindset within the organisation, removing traditional biases around remote working and recognising that work is what you do, not where you do it.


Jacob Chacko - Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company - techxmedia

Education at the edge of change: Connected without compromise

IT decision makers (ITDMs) in education are being tasked with providing increasingly complex network solutions to respected centres of learning. As they plan for a new term, they must ensure they have robust capabilities in place to respond to three main challenges: managing expanding campus footprints and devices; supporting more sophisticated and frequently hybrid teaching methods and safeguarding users and data against cybercrime.

MoneyFellows - techxmedia

New payout option by “MoneyFellows” to ‘Spend in Stores’ in partnership with “Waffarha”

“The partnership with “Waffarha” is a proactive step that leverages our strategy to make financial services that “MoneyFellows” provides easy and unique in a way that enables our users to actively achieve their goals through the Gam’eya module. We offer our customers opportunity to purchase what they need via Spending in Stores using their payouts.” Ahmed Wadi, CEO of MoneyFellows.

Techx TV


Shadi Dawi of TECHx Media sits down with Prateek Bhajanka of Gartner Research’s IT Leaders (ITL) constituency, focusing on Security and Risk Management, to talk about the recent Kaseya ransomware incident, modern backup applications, IoT security, and best practices for IT professionals.


Interview with Faisal Ameer Malik – CTO, Enterprise Solution Sales Department at Huawei Middle East Significance of today’s Huawei Middle East IP Club Carnival 2021. Huawei triggers businesses through AI-driven automated networks


Interviewee: Fadi Kanafani, Managing Director – Middle East at NetApp Interviewer: Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor, TECHx Questions asked: · Working remotely has become a viable long-term choice in the last year. What role does NetApp play in this shift, particularly in terms of bridging the technological and business divide? · Data Mechanics was recently acquired by NetApp. Could you kindly elaborate on the significance of this acquisition for our viewers? · Could you simply explain how Azure NetApp Files will benefit Microsoft Azure Cloud users, particularly considering the recent announcement that it will be offered in the UAE North region? · Many businesses are grappling with additional complexity and costs as they extend their cloud usage or adopt cloud for the first time. What do you believe the Middle Eastern cloud market will look like in the future?


GISEC 2021, the Arab world’s largest and most influential cybersecurity event, concluded last week after three days of insightful conference sessions and exhibitions on the latest cybersecurity solutions.

Etisalat- Ericsson - techxmedia

Etisalat joins to encourage Ericsson’s global 5G startup program

The new collaboration further strengthens the partnership between Ericsson and Etisalat, with the companies working together to research and develop new 5G consumer offerings such as augmented and virtual reality, digital education and many more.


MENA tech initiates could pay professionals more than double the current average salary

“With a mature tech start-up ecosystem, these opportunities could become a reality in MENA too, and consequently we could see regional tech-driven ventures paying professionals more than double the current average salary,” Singhvi commented.

HUAWEI BAND 6 - smart band - techxmedia
product review

HUAWEI BAND 6 Review – More than just a smart band

HUAWEI Band 6 is Huawei’s first band to include a 1.47-inch big AMOLED display, which is 148% larger than that of HUAWEI Band 4. In comparison to Band4, the screen to body ratio has also seen an improvement of close to 64%.

Viewsonic X100–4K+ Projector - techxmedia
product review

Viewsonic X100–4K+ Projector Review – Great fit for a perfect home cinema

With 2nd generation LED technology, this is a brilliant option for a home cinema projection environment. With the theatres being shut in most parts of the world, the timing of the launch couldn’t have been more apt.