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October 9, 2022

The 7 communities and GITEX 2022

GITEX, the region's largest technology event, attracts several global technology giants to showcase the latest products and trends in the tech world, paving the way for the year 2023. Technology professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, and members of the general public interested in technology are all actively participating in these 5-day technology heat-ups.
by TP Sharafudheen | 6 min read
September 5, 2022

Data science becomes the most demanded academic choice

Data science has recently become one of the most popular academic choices among young people and working professionals, as well as one of the most recommended courses by career counseling services. Various academic journals began to recognize data science as an emerging discipline throughout the 2000s.
by News Desk | 3 min read
July 12, 2022

Web3.0 gains traction, thanks to data security

The second generation is centered on user-created content uploaded to forums, social media and networking services, blogs, and wikis, among other services, and is based on the concept of "the web as platform."
by News Desk | 3 min read
May 17, 2022

Key enablers of tech growth in 2022: Part II

There are multiple factors enabling the unprecedented growth of the ICT market across the globe. Each element is important to be analysed.
by News Desk | 3 min read
March 16, 2022

Analysing key enablers of tech growth in 2022: Part I

As reports indicate from various sides, it is important to have focused approach for the every stakeholder in the industry—from manufacturers to end-users.
by News Desk | 3 min read
January 31, 2022

The B2B e-commerce growth is irresistible

Nearly two-thirds of B2B companies across industries now offer e-commerce facilities. Spurred by the massive wave in digital adoption over the past two years, sellers have accelerated their digital timetables.
by News Desk | 2 min read
December 26, 2021

Employee retention strategy in the technology segment

According to several recruitment and HR industry executives, a large number of employees in the country will switch jobs in 2022. It seems that few companies can fulfill the employment dream of a person.
by News Desk | 3 min read
November 27, 2021

The Rage of Live Streaming Commerce

Reports say that the value of China’s live-commerce market grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 280 percent between 2017 and 2020, to reach an estimated $171 billion in 2020.
by News Desk | 2 min read
October 31, 2021

Cairo ICT Promises Africa’s New Tech Dreams

Cairo ICT 2021 becomes even more exciting as it is a convergence of 10 tech domains, offering unique opportunities for businesses and networking for a world limping back to normalcy following the pandemic-induced economic meltdown.
by News Desk | 3 min read
October 12, 2021

GITEX Global 2021 and The Golden Jubilee of UAE

The coveted show began in a small area of Dubai World Trade Centre in 1981. But it has now filled the entire DWTC complex, consisting of 10 exhibition halls comprising a million feet of exhibition space.
by News Desk | 2 min read
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