Moro Hub, NSSG Partner to Drive Smart City Solutions in Oman

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Moro Hub, a Digital DEWA subsidiary, and NSSG, Oman’s cybersecurity services provider, have inked a deal to introduce cutting-edge Smart City and IoT solutions across Oman.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities, aiming to revolutionize urban living and propel digital transformation in the region.

The agreement, signed by Arif Almalik, Moro Hub’s Chief Digital Products Officer, and Hamza Al Jaafari, NSSG’s Chief Technology Officer, seeks to explore innovative solutions tailored to enhance Oman’s city infrastructure and efficiency.

Mohammed bin Sulaiman, Moro Hub CEO, expressed excitement about advancing Oman’s digital landscape, emphasizing their commitment to empowering communities and fostering sustainable growth. He highlighted the partnership’s dedication to redefining urban living and elevating citizens’ quality of life across Oman.

With urbanization accelerating and the demand for advanced technological solutions rising, the Moro Hub-NSSG alliance aims to deliver comprehensive Smart City initiatives encompassing IoT, data analytics, and cloud computing.

Mohammad bin Sulaiman reiterated their commitment to driving progress and innovation in the region, focusing on creating smarter, more resilient cities that meet the diverse needs of citizens and businesses.

Hamza Al Jaafari, NSSG’s Chief Technology Officer, echoed this sentiment, highlighting their joint efforts to leverage digital innovation for sustainable development and community enhancement across Oman.

This partnership exemplifies Moro Hub’s dedication to advancing progress and innovation in the region, aligning with their goal of creating smarter, more responsive cities tailored to both citizens and businesses.

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