JAGGAER - MoU - Bridge Medical GPO -Gitex -techxmedia

JAGGAER inked MoU with Bridge Medical GPO at GITEX

JAGGAER is delighted to partner with Bridge Medical GPO to deliver unique and innovative service in the Middle East. JAGGAER is committed to utilizing the latest technology and innovation to support organizational procurement goals. This dovetails extremely well with Bridge Medical GPO who have built a business model focused on optimizing supply chain costs within the healthcare industry.

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Patient Safety Awareness Campaign -MENA -BD - techxmedia

BD announces Patient Safety Awareness Campaign across the MENA

BD is using a three-pronged approach to raise patient safety awareness as part of this programme. Educating Healthcare Care Professionals (HCPs) on how medical technology innovations can help reduce medication errors and infections, as well as increase diagnostic accuracy, while addressing care and safety across all stages of the patient journey, will be one of the company’s engagement activities.

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Policybazaar - health-tech - unit - VisitHealth - techxmedia

Policybazaar subsidiary health-tech unit invests $7.5 M in Visit Health

Docprime has made its first investment in a complete telehealth and wellness platform. Visit Health, which has been around for five years, offers integrated solution that allows businesses to provide their employees with access to recognized specialists while also assisting them in managing their healthcare needs. The technology enables businesses to improve their employees’ healthcare experiences, also lowering medical costs.

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Emirati entrepreneur - SMEs - healthcare super apps -techxmedia

Emirati entrepreneur urges SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop healthcare super apps

Super apps are finding their way into Western markets, the time is right for the UAE to engage its entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate the development of one single mobile app solution. One that provides a high level of convenience for patients, allows for data sharing across platforms and service providers, and eliminates complex processes and procedures involved in managing healthcare.

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