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EHS uses SEDCO solution for better patience experience

An added benefit of the solution is to provide the healthcare authority with realtime data to plan and use their resources more efficiently by delivering insights into the day-to-day operations, identify areas of improvement, provide analysis of historical data, manage staff distribution, promote better communication within each department and overall provide a blueprint of a patient’s journey.

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Murad Al-Saggaf - General Manager - Alpha Pharma - SAP - partnership - techxmedia

Alpha Pharma goes digital with SAP

Commenting on the partnership, Murad Al-Saggaf, General Manager, Alpha Pharma said: “Just as technology plays a significant role in our nation’s Vision 2030, Alpha Pharma recognizes the cost efficiencies and organizational agility that can be achieved through digital transformation. SAP’s demonstrated expertise and knowledge of Saudi Arabia make them an ideal partner for Alpha Pharma on this organization-wide journey.”

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Medad Technology - investment - inhalation technology - research and development - techxmedia

Medad Technology to invest US$150 million in inhalation technology

Mohammed Alshaiba Almazrouei, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai-based Medad Technology, said the company has already patented several innovations in ultrasound technology, with potentially groundbreaking applications in smoking cessation, medicine delivery and diagnostics. “Medad Technology is committed to delivering faster, smarter and safer solutions to improve public health and quality of life, locally and internationally,” said Almazrouei.

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