Maya El Ayach - Growth & Digital Strategy - noon - techxmedia

noon-b8ta partnership to bring next-gen retail experience to UAE customers

The partnership aimed at successfully launching new products by innovative brands is in line with strengthening the e-commerce market and to meet the fast-growing demand among the most digitally-savvy and brand conscious shoppers in the region. The strategic collaboration between b8ta and is designed to provide innovative and curated products a launch-pad with an optimal marketing strategy

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Jacob Chacko - HPE Aruba - techxmedia

HPE Aruba outlines 5 focal areas for retail industry in new normal

Mobility is key to ensuring customers and associates devices and applications work. Customers must be able to seamlessly connect to the store network and associates must be able to use their devices to find goods and assist customers quickly. IoT-enabled store solutions like check-out point-of-sale devices, product scanners, scan-and-go apps and digital signage depend on reliable connectivity.

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