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Ransomware cost US companies almost $21 billion in downtime in 2020

Cybercriminals usually requested ransoms ranging from half a million dollars all the way up to US$21 million. Some attackers also upped the ante by carrying out double-extortion attacks, where they pilfer data from the victims’ systems before going on to encrypt them with ransomware … which would lead to embarrassment and stock devaluation at best, and to huge regulation penalties.

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Why a career in cybersecurity will benefit the next generation

Cybersecurity is being prioritized as the next hurdle to tackle, particularly with the region’s 250% increase in cyberattacks in 2020, according to Mohamed al-Kuwaiti, head of UAE Government Cyber Security. There is an increasing need for more cybersecurity professionals in all activity sectors for UAE and ME and developing the next generation is key to reversing this uptake in attacks.

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How customer care has evolved and why it should be a top priority for brands

It’s important for brands to understand that customers do not only expect brands to offer social customer support through these channels, they also expect quick replies. According to Facebook for Business,76% of people who message a business do so for customer service or support. More than 150 million people message businesses through Instagram Direct every month.

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