Xiaomi launches new smartphones in the UAE revolutionizing content creation

With Xiaomi 11T Series, aspiring filmmakers can now have access to industry-leading filmmaking gear in the palm of their hands and ultra-slim, featherweight Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE isideal with features that encourage creativity.

OPPO launches Reno5 Z 5G for Gen Z users in UAE

Complementing the highly anticipated Reno5 Series of all-5G smartphones, OPPO’s Reno5 Z 5G features superior performance and functionality of strong 5G chipset, that empower users to capture their everyday lives with photo and video content creation.

Etisalat to unveil the HTC 5G mobile smart hub in UAE

The HTC 5G Hub is also designed for high-speed mobility use for the next-generation business environment in mind. With a built-in Gigabit ethernet port, the device provides fast and convenient access to networks, wherever they appear. With a 7,660mAh battery built in, the HTC 5G Hub is made ready to support a wide range of on-the-go duties.

Five compelling reasons to go for a 5G mobile

5G phones feature a combination of different frequency bands to be compatible with patchy coverage in different areas. As 5G coverage improves with succeeding waves of rollouts, the 5G phone is adequately future proofed to keep pace.