Riyadh Air, Adobe Collaborate For Personalized Global Travel

Riyadh Air and Adobe announced a strategic technology partnership aimed […]

NVIDIA Unveils Major Updates and GeForce RTX 40 Series Bundle

NVIDIA made a significant announcement today, unveiling a slew of […]

Adobe Stock defines new guidelines for AI-generated content

Adobe Stock, a global marketplace with more than 320 million creative assets, has established new rules for the submission of images made with generative AI, extending how users can improve their creative works.

Adobe releases new metaverse friendly tools for creating 3D content

Adobe Inc released a set of new software tools designed to make it easier to create three-dimensional digital objects for marketing campaigns, video games and the metaverse.

Omnix International releases its next-gen Hardware Optimization Technology

The workstations are built and configured to satisfy the demands and standards of a variety of industries, including Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Product Design, and Media and Entertainment. In addition to other strong capabilities, the Omnix R&D team’s unique optimization technique enabled on these stations improves efficiency for time-critical manufacturing and oil and gas projects .