VAST Data & Run:ai Introduce NVIDIA-Powered AI Solution

In a groundbreaking collaboration, VAST Data, an AI data platform […]

Uniphore acquires Colabo to deliver knowledge AI and automation

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) and human agents today have access to legacy knowledge management systems that are not linked to enterprise applications, causing them to lose value over time due to data complexity and quality.

AVEVA launches Vision AI Assistant transforming image feeds into actionable industrial insights

Vision AI Assistant uses deep learning to build and deploy AI models 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling operators to focus on the task at hand rather than watching live camera feeds.

Leveraging artificial intelligence in business

‘With our company’s continual focus on innovation, quality, dependability, and outstanding support, we look forward to strengthening our team for better facilitation,’ says Justin Jacob, Head of Sales & Marketing – MEA, Advanced Integration

Mimecast unveils an AI solution to protect against most evasive email threats

“Phishing and impersonation attacks are getting more sophisticated, personalized and harder to stop. If not prevented, these attacks can have devastating results for an enterprise organization,” said Josh Douglas, VP of Mimecast.