achieves major growth milestones across MENA

“It has been a step-change year for us across the MENA region, all driven by the partnerships we’ve put in place with our merchants over the past decade,” said Pousaz.

Hackers could force locked iPhones to make contactless payments

When carrying out a payment via a smartphone app, the user has to authenticate the transaction using either one of the iPhone’s built-in biometric authentication features, or punch in a PIN code, reducing the threat of relay attacks. However, in May 2019 Apple introduced the “Express Transit/Travel” feature that allows Apple Pay to be used without unlocking the phone.

Stor’ one stop shop for all eCommerce solutions launches in UAE

Embarking on their digital shop journey, customers can take advantage of Stor’s ‘Online Store Builder’ which provides businesses with a set of bold, easy-to-use e-commerce website templates, enabling them to create their shop in less than five minutes – a quick ‘route to market’ for both startups and brick and mortar businesses looking to bring their business online.

Careem scales at speed with

Payments underpin the experience and service Careem offers its customers. And, by choosing as one of its Payment Service Providers (PSP), Careem has a growth partner that enables them to overcome the complexity of the markets it operates in and move at speed to leverage new growth opportunities such as launching its mobile wallet, Careem Pay.

Beauty-tech startup sees exponential growth with e-commerce space

The delight and safety of the customers are at the heart of Golden Scent’s long-term strategy as a beauty-tech company since the beginning.