Innovation and technology were the spotlights at the inaugural Future Health Summit

It has been an advocacy of the healthcare community to urge and usher in universal healthcare as a shared understanding that health care is a fundamental human right.What we have seen the most clearly in countries that are accountable for the percentage of financing that they put into health care and hold themselves accountable to that number have done best.

Bridge Medical GPO introduces e-Procurement platform at Arab Health

James Counts said: “I am pleased to announce our launch into the UAE market. We have a proven and successful business model that delivers immense operating efficiencies and value for our members.Our e-Procurement and software platforms deliver state of the art procure to pay, analytics, contract management and reporting, to assist in better supply chain management and data-driven decision making.”

Emirates Health Services introduces world’s first healthcare Metaverse

Mubaraka Ibrahim said: “Launching the world’s first Healthcare Metaverse platform demonstrates Emirates Health Services’ commitment to our mission, where we aim to improve customers’ experience, promote wellbeing and happiness at the national level,and embed advanced technologies into healthcare services to better serve patients and bring the sector firmly into the future. This, in turn, resonates with Dubai’s ambitions to embrace avant-garde technology.”

Emirates Health Services showcases AI-powered initiatives at Arab Health

New approaches for “Diagnosing Autism in Children Using Artificial Intelligence,” “Diagnosing Dementia Using Artificial Intelligence,” and “Using Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Devices” are among the newly released techniques.

Philips highlights AI-driven patient centric solutions at Arab Health 2022

“Philips has long been at the forefront of developing and deploying solutions that enable more precise, more predictive, more personalized and more accessible healthcare, while improving patient and staff experience. With the healthcare systems across the Middle East primed to undergo a digital transformation, we are excited to showcase our newest patient-centric, AI-enabled systems and solutions ,” said Vincenzo Ventricelli.