Cloud allows banks to bask in change

What every successful player will have in common is agility – the ability to quickly adapt and change not just products and services but business strategy to reflect movements within its own market space. And to be clear: this agility isn’t just about the technology that is used – it’s a business model.

Security in the age of digital transformation

Leaders really cannot consider the digital transformation without considering the broader cybersecurity concerns that come with it. And indeed, companies need to have robust cybersecurity policies in place if they want to take full advantage of the opportunities afforded by this fourth industrial revolution.

Why Data is (and Always Will be) the Next Big Thing

This was the decade that saw former Fortune 500 companies going spectacularly bust because they failed to keep up with the changes created by technology. On the flip side, it also saw basement-born start-ups using technology to completely transform trillion-dollar industries.

Nutanix brings new features for Big Data and Analytics

Big data workloads demand cloud environments that can efficiently manage extremely large volumes of unstructured data, as well as deliver the high performance necessary to analyze the data in real-time to extract business insight.