Pinnacle Cloud welcomes Morpheus

Morpheus was founded in 2010 when the Bertam Lab team needed an application automation platform. It now serves some of the world’s top Fortune 1000 companies and service providers.

Palo Alto Networks bolsters its cloud native security offerings

With today’s announcement, Prisma Cloud can now provide organizations with deep web and API security both inline and out of band, allowing them to choose how to protect their cloud applications.

Proofpoint announces product integration between CASB and Okta

Proofpoint CASB now detects and remediates suspicious logins in cloud applications federated by three popular identity providers: Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, and Google, covering the majority of today’s enterprise applications.

Upgrading LANs the smart way

There are several technology-related challenges to take into account, related to fast-growing bandwidth required for new applications, powering large numbers of distributed devices, and network flexibility, largely driven by convergence of previously disparate systems. Furthermore, upgrading office IT infrastructure also brings quite a few physical and logistical challenges – architectural limitations