Cloudflare makes R2 storage available to all

Cloudflare, Inc., the Internet security, performance, and reliability company, announced that Cloudflare R2 Storage, the distributed object storage that eliminates egress costs, is now generally available. Cloudflare R2 Storage provides a more efficient way for developers to store and access everything they require.

How secure is your cloud storage?

For weeks, cybersecurity experts and government agencies have been urging organizations to enhance their cyber-defenses due to the increased threat of cyberattacks amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Cloud-based malware: A new threat for businesses?

Manikandan Thangaraj, Vice President at ManageEngine, was interviewed by Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor at TECHx, about emerging cybersecurity threats, cloud-based security, and other areas. Look at what the expert has to say about it.

TP-Link unveils Tapo Care, an intelligent camera & security functions

The ground-breaking cloud storage service for Tapo cameras now includes a slew of clever features. Person detection, infant crying detection, motion monitoring, and a privacy zone are among the features.

Seagate advances 20TB HDD shipments answering mass data growth

Data is at the heart of today’s most groundbreaking technological and business innovations. The ability to store, retrieve, and activate as much data as possible is critical to maximizing the value of an organization’s data.