How low-code-no-code platforms are changing software development and empowering citizen developers

The market is anticipated to attain a staggering valuation of $187 billion. Such a growth trajectory reflects the demand for highly efficient and streamlined software development processes.

Tamkeen supports Reboot 01 to cultivate coding talent in Bahrain

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) announced its support for Reboot Coding Institute (Reboot 01), a new coding school launching in the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish Bahrain as a hub for coding skills.

Middle East’s first ever Quantum Computing Hackathon happening in Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) will host the region’s first-ever Quantum Computing International Hackathon from March 30 to April 1 at the NYUAD Conference Center, with an emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and advanced industries.

Microsoft conducts coding training for students with hearing disabilities

“Accessible technology is critical for the development of youth who need to overcome the additional layers of challenges that stand in their way of growth,” said Afaf Ali Al Haridi, Principal, Al Amal School.

OutSystems initiates commitment to overcome the skill-gap challenge

A substantial focus on communities that have been disregarded and underrepresented in software development and Technology is a key component of OutSystems’ ambition to expand its educational activities, including women, Black people, transgender and more.