New digital habits emerging in post-Covid era

The post-Covid world brought about a whole new level of long-term changes in consumer habits and technology use on a daily basis. However, the most important factor that brands should be aware of and adapt to is the amount of time we spend online, which is currently at a global average of 7 hours per day.

E-Merchants: Secure your online sales from cybersecurity threats

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing. This year, online retailers pushed the boundaries with “Black/ White/ Yellow Friday” deals in the hopes of improving their online sales, thanks to the uncertainty around in-store shopping due to COVID-19, leading many customers to make their purchases from the safety of their own homes.

Here’s how to boost app availability and performance for your end users

If you’re an IT professional, you are also likely on the front lines of a host of new business continuity challenges. You need to respond quickly to unprecedented changes in work schedules, remote access to applications, and spikes in networking and data demands. F5 has several recommendations that can help.

79% of UAE adults will work remotely more often after COVID-19

During lockdown, 67% of UAE adults are doing more video calls to connect with colleagues and loved ones, 78% are using social media more often, and 74% are watching more TV and movies online.

Six reasons why COVID-19 will accelerate the rush to cloud

Cloud computing is the biggest IT shift since client/server but, despite its manifest advantages and soaring popularity, cloud has far from dominated the way that firms deploy IT resources.