BlueNoroff Renewed Cyberattacks Disguised as VC Funds

Kaspersky researchers have found that the APT group BlueNoroff has added new advanced malware to their toolset.

Report by Chainalysis shows illicit cryptocurrency volume seeing an all-time high in 2022

Despite the market decline for cryptocurrencies, the volume of unlawful […]

Blockchain- The road to a cleaner and greener future

Blockchain technology has the potential to make a significant impact on the energy and electricity sectors, by enabling peer-to-peer energy trading

CoinMENA and MAG partner to facilitate crypto-based property transactions

MAG, the UAE’s real estate developer, has signed an agreement with CoinMENA, a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) crypto asset service provider, to facilitate real estate purchases using cryptocurrencies and accelerate the growth of Dubai’s new economy.

SunMoney Solar Group launches asset-backed cryptocurrency

SunMoney Solar Group, which operates the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, has recently opened applications for its own value-generating asset-backed cryptocurrency token, the SDBN2 token.