Cybersecurity mitigations no organisation can afford to ignore

Code signing is another underused approach, in light of architectural trends that pull code from disparate sources at runtime. In particular, sub-resource integrity (SRI) headers can ensure that external scripts haven’t been modified when they are called at runtime. As applications increasingly rely on external scripts to pull in new features, SRI is a powerful tool to shut down vectors.

AI-powered Ericsson Performance Optimizers make an impression

Digital twin technology accurately mimics the network behaviour upon parameter changes, ensuring an approach that minimises risk and elevates the optimiser’s quality to telco grade from day one.

Defending the data center: The time to act is now

Cyberattacks on data centers may end up being everyone’s problem – Phil Muncaster, a guest writer for ESET, explains how prepared data center operators are for the increased risk of cyber-attacks.

Deploying modern, open networks is simple and fast with Dell Telecom solutions

The growing open ecosystem in the telecom industry provides CSPs with more choice of technologies and partners as they migrate to cloud-native networks, says Dell Technologies, explaining the reasons behind this move.

Ericsson launches IoT Accelerator Connect to make IoT connectivity easier

A press release from Ericsson announced that the company has launched IoT Accelerator Connect to bring its capabilities to enterprises and development projects of all sizes.