Abu Dhabi Art Fair showcases Al Burda Award winners

Her Excellency Nourabint Mohammed Al Kaabi, said: “Showcasing best works from Al Burda collection in Abu Dhabi Art reaffirms our trust in this international platform that brings the best of Art from across the world. The Ministry of Culture and Youth is committed to supporting Islamic Art and promoting it not just within Islamic world but also among other cultures.”

Brazil highlights Expo 2020 participation to diplomatic community over culinary delight

“The idea was to take the guests through an experiential journey on Brazil’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai while they savour and enjoy our eclectic dishes, served with the right look and feel,” said Ambassador.

Globetrotters can explore the world in one place with Expo 2020 passport

Expo 2020 is inspired by the UAE’s history, bringing the past and present together. The 50-page booklet, which is shaped like an official passport, includes designs and photos of the three Thematic Pavilions as well as Al Wasl Plaza – the Expo site’s crown jewel – and other Dubai landmarks, such as the city’s iconic skyline, and other UAE-related elements.

Italy’s Gellify seeks Middle East startups with fund that could hit $50m

B2B software start-up focused accelerator and investor says it plans […]

Managing the cultural impact of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing

As with any large-scale project—from a change in working location to a company merger—the impact on the people involved needs to be a key consideration when putting a strategy and implementation plan in place.