CrowdStrike’s Falcon Go: Revolutionizing SMB Cybersecurity

In a significant move, CrowdStrike has introduced an innovative release […]

Kaspersky’s study shows threats targeted at industrial control systems (ICS)

Computers in the industrial control systems (ICS) environment were attacked in the Middle East in the first half of 2022 using a variety of techniques. According to the ICS threat landscape study by Kaspersky ICS CERT, malicious objects were prevented on every third (36%) ICS machine in the area that was shielded by Kaspersky solutions. 15% of the ICS PCs in the area banned phishing pages, and 11% blocked spyware.

AHAD to outline intelligence-driven visibility solution and services at GITEX 2021

Threat Intelligence offerings, which comprise Surface Web, Deepweb, and Darkweb solutions, the brand will also provide insights into most difficult-to-reach regions of the threat landscape thus keeping the organizations safe and informed against threat action.

Experts warn Twitch users following massive hacking

Information security experts in the Middle East have warned the users of Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch of privacy intrusion following the massive hacking and data leakage of the platform’s nearly complete digital footprint.

BT announces huge investment in Safe Security to assess and combat cyber risk

Adding SAFE to BT’s proactive, predictive security services will give customers an enhanced view of their threat level, and rapidly pinpoint specific actions needed to strengthen their defences,this investment shows BT’s ambition to grow further.