Tenable’s Active Directory security readiness checks to disrupt attacks

Tenable®, Inc. developed 10 foundational configuration checks for its solutions, including Tenable.io, Tenable.sc and both Nessus Professional and Nessus Essentials, assess Microsoft Active Directory security readiness and align remediation efforts based on the threat landscape.

Tenable expands its partner program with transformed tools, training and certifications

With the global shift to remote working, organizations of all sizes have accelerated their migration to the cloud and their adoption of new technologies, including IoT, mobile and DevOps.

Tenable selected as Splunk’s vulnerability management partner

Splunk Mission Control enables customers to accelerate the value they receive from combining their Splunk security tools with those from best-of-breed partners, such as Tenable’s vulnerability management solutions.

Tenable signs strategic partnership with Center for Internet Security

This partnership is an important step in making foundational cybersecurity more attainable for both small and medium-sized organizations. To this end, CIS has developed a new prioritization scheme called the CIS Controls Assessment Specification for CIS Controls.

Tenable announces new capabilities to secure cloud compute instances

Frictionless Assessment leverages native technologies deployed as part of the cloud asset to continuously assess instances for vulnerabilities. Customers will be able to evaluate cloud assets without interruption.