Education sector experiences highest volume of attacks every month

Check Point Research (CPR) recently released its Cyber Attack Trends: 2022 Mid-Year Report, which stated that, similar to the top industry ranking in 2021, the first half of 2022 shows significant increases in attacks across all sectors.
Education and research remains the most targeted industry, with an average of 2,297 attacks against organizations per week in the first half of 2022, a 44 percent increase over the first half of 2021.

Cybersecurity readiness is critical, say experts at Gisec

The 10th edition of GISEC Global, the largest and most influential cybersecurity exhibition and conference in the Middle East and Africa, has brought together industry leaders to uncover the latest in global cybersecurity trends and discuss ever-increasing digital challenges. Also speaking on the main stage was MK Palmore, the former Head of the FBI’s San Francisco Cybersecurity Investigative Branch.

Staying secure in uncertain times – Here are the cybersecurity trends for 2021

One ‘thing’ that’s sure to spill over into 2021 is our reliance on technology for various aspects of our daily lives. The virus has made social distancing a way of life, keeping us tethered to our homes.

Cybersecurity trends to watch in 2021 by F5

Fraudsters’ toolsets have evolved over the past five years, while the current generation of defenses are starting show their age. Attackers have found that by imitating their victims, down to their home environment.