D-Link Unites Top Distributors in Bali for Regional Meet 2024

D-Link Middle East & Africa recently orchestrated its much-anticipated Distributor […]

Strengthening connections across networks

D-Link’s latest technologies promote a healthy lifestyle by providing intelligent, strong network connections for bandwidth-intensive applications in densely populated households. D-Link also emphasizes three product development methods for creating breakthroughs that enable the current digital revolution.

DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge from D-Link to improve VR experience for Meta Quest 2

D-Link Corporation has released its much-awaited DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge, a wireless dongle made especially for Meta Quest 2 in a partnership which is exclusive with Meta. The DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge provides high-performance wireless links between Meta Quest 2 and PCs/laptops, eliminating cable clutter to provide enhanced and safer VR gaming experiences.

D-Link joins the Metaverse Standards Forum

D-Link Corporation has joined Metaverse Standards Forum as first networking equipment company. The Metaverse Standards Forum is a newly formed governing body whose goal is to promote alignment on Metaverse interoperability standards priorities and requirements.

D-Link introduces new industrial access points

The DIS-3650AP and DIS-2650AP from D-Link are important components of any organization’s network infrastructure in applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, and Smart Factories because they provide a mission-critical connection for industrial settings.