How AI and data analytics hold the key to competitive advantage in business

Considering the hard-hitting business landscape of today, individuals are always seeking ways to gain a competitive edge to get ahead or stay relevant to their target consumers. One of the most promising areas for achieving that edge is the strategic use of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

The rise of sports analytics

Nowadays, research analysts are attracted to sports data analytics. New strategies are in use by coaches and players to improve their performance.

Here are 7 takeaways from the Afrobarometer delegation’s visit to Washington

The Afrobarometer delegation wrapped up their four-day visit to Washington, D.C., on Friday after holding high-profile meetings to showcase the breadth and depth of the pan-African network’s research.

ServiceNow program to skill one million people by 2024

RiseUp with ServiceNow is a global program designed to train one million people on the company’s platform by 2024. The program will fuel a new economy of in-demand, job-ready talent in the high-growth ServiceNow ecosystem, with an emphasis on faster, more equitable career paths.

Etihad Airways launches data-as-a-product ecosystem

Etihad Airways has announced the launch of new, modern analytics and intelligence platform, which will enable the global airline to implement a data-as-a-product ecosystem.