DNS for 5G

At 5 milliseconds, current DNS latency is too high to support many 5G applications. For example, in 5G deployments, AR/ VR, gaming, connected cars, and telesurgery will require latency of 1-10 milliseconds. Current DNS latency is unacceptable. Pervasive connectivity of 5G will increase reliance on edge computing, which brings cloud resources compute, storage, and networking—closer to applications, devices, and users.

Cloud-Managed DDI – Optimizing Networking at the Edge

Cloud-managed DDI offers a bridge that allows organizations to integrate core network services, bringing DNS, DHCP and IPAM together on a unified platform. By replacing siloed on-prem DNS and DHCP controllers with cloud-native technology, organizations can take a huge step toward digital transformation through integrated DDI services they can centrally manage in the cloud across all locations.

Importance of modern DDI services in the new era of distributed networking

According to a Dimensional Research 2019 study, almost every business suffers network interruptions. Three-fourths of them experience these several times a year. For many organizations, these network disruptions can be traced to out-of-date and inadequate DDI services. IT teams are realizing that core networking services are more important than ever for organizations.