e& transformation is backed by strong financial performance, says Chairman

Following the announcement of e&’s transformation as the global technology conglomerate, the Group has already begun to accelerate its digitalisation leadership by executing its ambitious digital future strategy.

COVID-19 reinvigorated the importance of STEM education

“A blend of educated youth skilled with STEM-enabled tools and solutions addressing these longstanding problems is a recipe for successful implementation of the sustainable development goals. Innovators could transform a novel STEM-based idea into a marketable product addressing identified needs, creating opportunities for the individual and jobs for others, with wealth for society and pride for the family,”says Mrad.

IMA report shows strong focus on digital transformation in finance & accounting

Regarding the overall digital transformation of finance, it has already occurred to a large extent for slightly more than half of the large companies (1,000 or more employees). This is significantly higher (by close to 50 percent) than the digital transformation within the finance function of small companies (less than 50 employees).

4th MEA Fintech Forum concludes ‘Digital’ as the recovery path for future banking

The Forum assembled on an interactive virtual platform, leading commentators including Dr. Gillian Tett, editor-at-large, Financial Times and BBC presenter Stephen Sackur, and Dr, ZiadDaoud of Bloomberg, with a diverse representation of industry leaders, pioneers, regulators and all those playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the banking industry.