Telephony Communications Technologies launches its metaverse arm TCTx

As per the company, TCTx will give customers access to a wide range of digital, blockchain, fintech, xaas, ICT, mobility, telco, and managed services solutions to help them increase productivity, transform their businesses, and grow.

AVEVA reveals the importance of industrial information in industrial growth

AVEVA recently updated their digital twin software with a number of new capabilities that enable visualizing asset data with real-time data faster and easier than ever before. AVEVA customers may now experience a complete digital twin in just 60 days with AVEVA Point Cloud Manager and AVEVA Asset Information Management.

AVEVA launches enhanced digital twin with wearable scanning and robust document control

Visualizing asset information with real-time data has never been faster or easier thanks to the cloud integration of AVEVATM Point Cloud Manager and AVEVATM Asset Information Management.

AI-powered Ericsson Performance Optimizers make an impression

Digital twin technology accurately mimics the network behaviour upon parameter changes, ensuring an approach that minimises risk and elevates the optimiser’s quality to telco grade from day one.

XVRS by NEOM: A 3D cognitive digital twin metaverse platform unveiled

XVRS, a 3D cognitive digital twin metaverse platform envisioned to enable a ground-breaking ‘mixed-reality’ urban living paradigm, was unveiled by NEOM Tech & Digital Company, the company’s first subsidiary.