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Key conditions for the establishment of $700 billion H2 economy

Green hydrogen helps reduce economic dependency on hydrocarbons and adds to economic development and diversification of energy supply, and several countries in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are presently investigating potential in this sector. Furthermore, international policy and bilateral agreements are increasing the relevance of the green H2 economy.

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At high-level pre-COP26 climate talks in UK asserts UAE’s climate action with economic growth

HE. Dr Al Jaber commented that the UAE’s approach to climate action is closely tied to its economic development: “The UAE’s track record and future ambitions in climate action perfectly align with the country’s plans to diversify and build a knowledge-based economy, spur sustainable development across key sectors and bring socio-economic benefits to our country while influencing progress regionally and internationally.”

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New payout option by “MoneyFellows” to ‘Spend in Stores’ in partnership with “Waffarha”

“The partnership with “Waffarha” is a proactive step that leverages our strategy to make financial services that “MoneyFellows” provides easy and unique in a way that enables our users to actively achieve their goals through the Gam’eya module. We offer our customers opportunity to purchase what they need via Spending in Stores using their payouts.” Ahmed Wadi, CEO of MoneyFellows.

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