First fully electric car-sharing platform launches in UAE

MOTOR, the electric vehicle car-sharing platform, has announced its arrival in the UAE. MOTOR provides access to world-leading electric vehicles through its car-sharing platform, Motor SHARE, offers users short and long-term options at affordable prices .

Six million electric cars will be shipped in 2022, forecasts Gartner

To encourage the shift to EVs, automakers will need to solve a number of issues, including decreasing the cost of EVs and batteries, recycling EV batteries, offering a broader choice of car models, and enhancing charging infrastructure.

On to the fast track with electric vehicles; the race has just begun

In a report published by Mordor Intelligence, experts claim that governments in the Middle East are promoting the use of electric cars and the spread of 5G internet that will help the industry grow in the coming years.

Uber to Add 1,000 Electric Cars to Its Fleet in India

Uber has announced that it will add 1,000 electric vehicles […]