Emotet tests new delivery techniques

Cybersecurity researchers at Proofpoint, a cybersecurity and compliance company have observed brand new tactics used to distribute the notorious Emotet botnet, indicating that the cybercriminal group (TA542) is testing new attack techniques.

Revenge RAT does most damage in UAE

Researchers have reported that Revenge RAT, a Trojan that targets the Windows platform, was the most prevalent malware in March 2022 while Emotet was in second place by impacting five percent.

Check Point Software’s 2022 Security Report reveals global cyber pandemic’s magnitude

“In a year that began with the fallout from one of the most devastating supply chain attacks in history, we’ve seen threat actors grow in confidence and sophistication,” said Maya Horowitz.

Most dangerous malware in December 2021: Trickbot, Emotet, and the Log4j Pandemic

Check Point’s ThreatCloud intelligence powers the Global Threat Impact Index and the ThreatCloud Map. ThreatCloud delivers real-time threat intelligence from hundreds of millions of sensors across networks, endpoints, and mobile devices.

Trickbot rebirths Emotet: 140,000 Victims in 149 countries in 10 months

Trickbot-infected PCs began distributing Emotet samples by encouraging users to download password-protected zip files containing malicious documents that are rebuilding Emotet’s botnet network. Emotet’s operations were updated with some new techniques added to the toolkit.