Huawei outlines vision for 5Gigaverse society

5G enabled more than 10,000 scenarios in more than 20 industries. In future, 5G capabilities will continue to evolve to incorporate fragmented connections in various industries, creating IoT space with hundreds of billions of connections.

Huawei defines vision for 5Gigaverse society

As 5G commercial deployment enters a new phase, users need more continuous experience, and industry digitalization poses new requirements on 5G capabilities. Therefore, we believe that the next step is to evolve 5G from hotspot to all-scenario continuous coverage, from Gbps to 5Gigaverse, and from pilot industry to all-industry digitalization, to build a ubiquitous gigabit network and a 5Gigaverse society.

Ericsson launches three-sector radio for efficient site upgrades

The latest addition to Ericsson’s radio portfolio will provide multi-standard and multi-band coverage while bringing down costs and reducing footprint – up to 50 percent lower energy consumption. The three-sector dual-band Radio 6626 combines two frequencies and six ports in one unit, enabling one radio to power all three sectors on the tower.