Data privacy is a culture, not a challenge

Too often regulations like GDPR and the EU’s more recent invalidation of Privacy Shield in 2020 are seen as barriers. This is possibly because data is the currency of the digital economy and restrictions on its use are viewed as attacks on capitalist freedoms and innovations.This is a narrow view of what the digital economy truly is though.

Eight cybersecurity predictions from Gartner for 2021-2022

The proliferation of cyber-physical systems — which includes systems that combine the cyber and physical worlds for technologies like autonomous cars or digital twins — represents another security risk for organizations. How threat actors will target these systems is one of our top predictions for the coming years. We’re falling into the old habit of trying to treat everything.

Huawei’s Petal Search teams up with, Jumia, AliExpress, and Wego

Petal Search enables customers to start their search and skip the mall, as it welcomes deals and special offers from prominent brands around the MEA. With a few taps on the search engine, you may browse clothing, pay bills, arrange a PCR test, access governmental portals, book flights and hotels, shop for gadgets or beauty items, and much more.

Ransomware costs financial services organizations more than $2 million in recovery

Financial services is one of world’s most heavily regulated businesses. Organizations must comply with a slew of rules, including SOX, GDPR, and PCI DSS, which impose steep fines for non-compliance and data breaches. Many of these businesses must also establish business continuity and disaster recovery strategies to reduce the impact of data breaches or operational disruptions caused by a cyberattack.

Interview with Jadd Elliot Dib, CEO Pangaea X

To learn more about Pangaea X, its contribution to data, analytics, data democratization, and data mining, TECHx Executive Editor Rabab Zehra chatted with Jadd Elliot Dib, Founder and CEO of Pangaea X. Let’s take a deeper look at the responses we received.