Alibaba secures first place in VQA Leaderboard: Interview with Si Luo

To learn more about the technology underlying this feat, TECHx secured an exclusive interview with Si Luo, Head of Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Alibaba DAMO Academy. Take a peek at the conversation.

Alibaba Cloud reveals ‘Magic’ behind 2020 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

This year’s 11.11, which generated RMB498.2 billion (US$74.1 billion) in GMV over an 11-day period, was made possible by Alibaba Cloud infrastructure upgrades. Right after midnight on November 11, for example, just 26 seconds after shopping began, peak orders hit 583,000 per second – 1,400 times peak volume at the festival.

AliExpress kicks off 2020 ‘11.11 Global Shopping Festival’ in the ME

To provide a reliable and efficient delivery experience for the Festival, AliExpress is working closely with Alibaba Group’s logistics arm Cainiao Smart Logistics Network and last-mile logistics partners to significantly shorten cross-border delivery times. During COVID-19, AliExpress Direct delivered packages within 18 working days for orders shipped to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.