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41% of UAE residents turned to telemedicine solutions in 2021, survey reveals

Digital health players focused on analytics are emerging and enabling digital transformation in the healthcare sector across key markets in the Middle East. BCG’s analysis segmented analytics players into three archetypes: (1) players with broad analytics capabilities (i.e., not only focused on healthcare), (2) players with health analytics capabilities in select use cases, (3) players bringing holistic health platforms.

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Experts discussed future of biotechnology at Dubai Science Park’s Advance Health forum

The forum had important industry stakeholders who are exploring the outlook of biotech innovation and research in the UAE. This is at par with the expansion of the healthcare sector as part of the Centennial 2071 project launched by the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates. UAE even allocated 8.09% of its federal budget to healthcare and community protection.

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Attacks on healthcare organizations grew by 94% in 2021, according to Sophos

More healthcare organizations (78%) are now opting for cyber insurance, but 93% of healthcare organizations with insurance coverage report that getting policy coverage has become more difficult in the last year. With ransomware being the single most common cause of insurance claims, 51% of respondents reported that the level of cybersecurity required to qualify is higher.

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