VMware invited to join Dow Jones sustainability indices for 2nd year

“ESG is at the heart of everything we do at VMware, and we hold ourselves accountable to our 2030 Agenda goals through transparent reporting on our progress,” said Nicola Acutt, vice president of ESG.

President proclaims the federal law to initiate National Human Rights Institution

According to article 2 of the law, an independent entity to be known as the National Human Rights Institution and located in Abu Dhabi will be established, and other branches and offices may open in other emirates.

Apple’s CEO receives $750 million bonus on his 10th work anniversary

This award was a part of an agreement he made when he took over from Steve Jobs, the company’s co-founder, on August 24, 2011. This award was triggered this week because Apple’s share was a top performer in the S&P 500, compared to other companies.

HP unveils sustainable impact program for partners

Partners that pledge to join the HP Amplify Impact program will work with HP to assess their own practices while tapping into the company’s extensive investments and initiatives.

Protecting human rights in the era of cyber information warfare

Data Protection Dayis an opportunity to explore some of the technologies leading the way in the fight against cyber (dis)information and how businesses can take up arms to protect our rights as employees, consumers, and citizens.