Positive Technologies Identifies 5 Critical Vulnerabilities in Mitsubishi Electric PLCs

Positive Technologies has revealed five critical vulnerabilities within Mitsubishi Electric’s […]

SAMENA ACCELERATOR: Advancing 10 Gigabit Infrastructure

The highly anticipated SAMENA ACCELERATOR event focusing on 10 Gigabit […]

2023 Going Digital Infrastructure Awards: Celebrating Excellence

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the leading infrastructure engineering software […]

‘Empowering Sustainable Infrastructure’

In a recent interview with Rodrigo Fernandes, the Director of ES(D)G (Empowering Sustainable Development Goals) at Bentley Systems, Rabab Zehra, Executive Editor – TECHx delved into the transformative concept of the “double transition” and its profound implications for the integration of digital technology and sustainable, low-carbon pathways.

Extreme Networks Unveils Cutting-Edge Regional Data Center in UAE

In a significant stride towards enhancing data infrastructure and fortifying data security, Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR), a distinguished player in cloud networking, has announced the launch of a state-of-the-art regional data center (RDC) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).