Insider Threat Global Report identifies organizations spent $15.4 million annually, up 34% from 2020

“Months of sustained remote and hybrid working leading up to “The Great Resignation” has resulted in an increased risk around insider threat incidents, as people leave organizations and take data with them, “said Ryan Kalember.

Building a human firewall to address insider threats

Whether they know it or not, employees can pose a significant risk to the security of enterprise networks and the data they hold. Considering that 68% of organizations feel moderate to extremely vulnerable to insider attacks, as noted in a recent study, it’s clear just how significant this issue is.

Addressing insider threats at financial institutions during remote work

Almost anyone can become an insider threat – all it takes is access to sensitive information, or simply access to the building where those resources are located, whether the individual works for the company or not. Former employees, consultants, board members, or current employees are good examples. So are janitors.